Wednesday, June 22, 2016

An honest online News Service? NOT McKenzie News!

Anyone know, or have experience with, an honest online News Service?
For 6 years, here in New York City, I have been promoting music theater shows.
In other years. I hired a press agent. This year (2016) for In Kharms Way I decided to try an online News Service.
Selections from In Kharms Way:

McKenzie News Service seemed to me to fit the bill, since it specialized in the performing arts. It seemed honest, given what appeared on their web page.
NOT! BIG MISTAKE! McKenzie didn’t even bother to fake a press release. I am now $190 poorer, and possibly that much wiser.

Press Agents here in NYC are expensive. Although Press Agents can be found for $1000-$1500, a common fee is $10,000 (and then add any actual costs of advertising). With the advent of the Internet, I’m not sure how relevant traditional Press Agents are. And with my latest experience with McKenzie News Service, I’m totally wary of the online variety.

Beware !