Canadians touring in USA

This info may be helpful for Canadian musicians wanting to tour in the good old (??) USA:

22/10/2010 Immigration Fees

Effective November 23, 2010:
  1. The fee for P & O visas is $325 USD.
  2. The premium processing fee is $1225 USD.
The above fees are payable to "Department of Homeland Security", and must be submitted under USD money order. If applying through the premium processing unit, please submit that fee under separate money order. 

November 17, 2010 will be the last day AFM will accept petitions with the present fees of $320 (regular/standard processing) and $1000 (premium processing). 

Effective January 1, 2011:
  1. The AFM's P2 administration fee is $100 for musicians only (this is not per musician, it is per band/petition).
  2. When also applying for crew/technicians/all other supplemental workers integral to the main performance unit (band), the fee is $200 (this represents $100 per petition; $100 for the musicians, an additional $100 for the supplemental workers)
For more information please contact Liana White,, 1-800-463-6333 ext 232. If you would like to learn more about AFM's immigration services, please see the October issue of the International Musician (pages 20-21), article entitled: Performing in the US or Canada 101: What AFM Members Need to Know, or, read it on the web

New Immigration Processing Fees for Union Consultation Letters required for P1, P3, O1 and O2 Visas 

The AFM Consultation Letter fee will be $250 (or $300 for expedited service) for each visa consultation letter prepared for US Citizenship and Immigration Service. This charge shall apply to all petitions and petitioners in all visa categories. This is one charge per I-129, and the fee must be pre-paid in advance of receiving the complete consultation. 

Petitioners who mail or hand-deliver an I-129 packet to the AFM office (1501 Broadway, Ste. 600, New York, NY 10036) must enclose a corporate check, certified check or money order payable to "AFM Immigration Processing". 

For more information please contact Steve Gelfand, Director, AFM Touring, Booking and Immigration,, 1-800-762-3444 ext 1231.
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